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Who We Are

APN – Advanced Physique Nutrition was founded by owner Justin Blum to provide hi quality, great tasting and effective products that you use the latest ingredients. APN – Advanced Physique Nutrition is driven by helping our customer take their physique to the next level!

APN’s owner Justin Blum doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk! Justin is a nationally ranked NPC competitor and was tired of using products that didn’t work!

After months of meeting with the best in the industry, Justin decided it was time to deliver a product to market that would meet what he was looking for and so many other competitors that he knows as well! If you want to be the BEST, you have to train with the BEST and supplement with the BEST…..APN Advanced Physique Nutrition.

Meet The Creator

Justin Blum wasn’t always fit. As a matter of fact, He was 40 pounds over weight when he first started his fitness journey! He was a smoking, drinking, over weight construction worker that pretty much ate whatever whenever. He worked out, yet NEVER seemed to get any results….till one day! One day he met his now best friend, Lisa Maloy. She trained him, certified him, worked with him and then watched him blossom into one of the top Fitness Professionals in the country. Justin currently holds a Personal Training Certification, a Master Trainer Certification, and an Advanced Nutrition Specialist Certification. Justin Blum is a true testament of what it is like to struggle with weight, yet through hard work and dedication has now become one of the Top National Level Physique Competitors in the Country and owner of the fastest growing gym in Las Vegas, Raw Fitness…………..proof that YOU ALSO CAN ACHIEVE WHATEVER YOU SET YOUR MIND TO.