Train Smarter, Not Harder - Kettlebell Benefits

Whether you are a competitive athlete, at home mom or just looking to boost your fitness level the kettlebell is the ultimate workout tool for any fitness need.

Your goals could include losing weight, increase muscle tone or boost athleticism, whatever your fitness endeavor the kettlebell is the ultimate exercise machine.

5 Benefits of Kettlebell Training

1.Full Body Exercise

The majority of kettlebell exercises integrate the entire body but you can also incorporate workouts for specific muscle groups. Along with building strength kettlebell routines are great for cardio training as well. The working of muscles across the entire body with a wide range of motion creates an ultimate full body workout.

2.Improved Core Strength

Versatility at the core, the kettlebell is a tool that improves core strength. The kettlebell swing forces you to tighten your core to prevent rounding of your back. With any kettlebell exercise you can anticipate full abdominal work as your midsection must work harder to stabilize the entire body to ensure safety.

3.Functional Training

Functional training mimics the way the body functions in your daily life. Whether this is carrying, lifting or bending the muscles needed for functional movements should be trained and the kettlebell does just that and more.

Kettlebell workouts improve overall conditioning by boosting cardio respiratory performance, increase muscular endurance, improve mobility and coordination. All in which will help anyone at any fitness level throughout the day by improving the body's overall functioning and mobility.

4.Better Athleticism

Training with a kettlebell simulates the body with constant shifting of weight that is prevalent in all athletic fields. The use of the kettlebell helps your body to stabilize itself and produce force despite the chaos of movement.

5.Great for On-The-Go